Article 1 – Name

This group shall be known and designated as the Grimsby Celebration Choir.

Article 2 – Purpose

To provide an opportunity for people to sing.

To foster new friendships.

To raise money through concerts for charitable organizations within the community.

To bring joy through music in the form of sing-outs to the community, i.e. retirement and nursing homes.

Article 3 – Membership

Each Grimsby Celebration Choir member is assured of a safe and positive environment in which to sing.

Each Grimsby Celebration Choir member must abide by the safety guidelines and conduct as described in the Policies & Procedures section.

Distributed music and binders belong to the Grimsby Celebration Choir and must be returned when a member leaves the choir.

Article 4 – Fees

Every member must be in good standing and is required to pay semi-annual membership and weekly fees.

The amount of these fees will be reviewed and approved by the membership at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in September or a Special Meeting if necessary.

Article 5 – Board of Directors

All Members of the Board of Directors (Board) are unpaid volunteers.

The Board consists of the Executive and Committee Directors, as follows:

The Executive includes:

  • President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The Committee Directors consist of:



  • Music

Membership Director


  • Social Convenor

Public Relations Director


  • Archivist
  • Contact Convenor
  • Sing-out Convenor

The Board may appoint a replacement for the above to serve until the next AGM should they be unable to complete their term.

The Board of Directors positions are described in Section 1, Subsections 1 - 6 of the By-Laws of the Grimsby Celebration Choir.

The Board Members have voting rights. There must be a quorum of at least 4 of 6 voting members. Committee and Sub-Committee members may be invited to attend a Board of Directors Meeting but are non-voting.

Article 6 – Term of Service

All Board positions will be reviewed and open to the general membership every two (2) years.  If more than two (2) people are interested in a position, an election may be held.

Those holding a position on the Board may remain until voted out, removed for cause, or choose to leave.

Article 7 – Indemnification of Officers

No Board or Committee member can be held liable for any decisions or activities of the choir.

Article 8 – Year End

The fiscal year end for the choir shall be July 31.

Article 9 - Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws

A review of this Constitution will be done every two (2) years.

No alterations shall be made to the Constitution unless a notice of motion is given three months prior to the Annual Meeting, at which time it may be approved by a two-thirds(2/3) vote of the members present.  A copy shall be given to each member.  Proxy votes may be allowed.

A review of the By-Laws will be done annually with a two (2) week notice given to choir members to allow them to offer input and/or be involved with the review process.