Policies and Procedures

Regular Practices

Typically Tuesday afternoons in the gathering room of St. Joseph Church, Livingston Avenue, Grimsby. Practice times may be extended if the Director feels more time is required to prepare for concerts. Members will be  notified by email of any changes.


Members should plan to attend every practice when possible to ensure the best quality for our concert and sing-out audiences.

The Membership Director is to be contacted using the email link in the Contacts section whenever a member is unable to attend practice or an event.

We welcome everyone to come enjoy the benefits of singing with a group at practices. The Choir Director has the final say of whether a member is ready to perform at concerts to ensure the best quality for our audience.


A Semi-Annual Membership fee of $5 is due in September and January. Monthly dues are $22, with an option of paying annually ($220) or semi-annually ($110). Members are required to pay the fee whether present or absent.

Fees are kept as low as possible to ensure members can afford to learn and enjoy all our choir has to offer. We welcome and appreciate donations to help meet our financial obligations.

Fees will be reviewed annually to ensure the Choir can maintain financial stability over the coming fiscal year, and possibly beyond, and any revision will be proposed in advance and must be approved by the membership present at the AGM or at a Special Meeting if required.


Music is handed out in alphabetical order to make it simple to find quickly.

Always use pencil only to mark music as instructed by the Director.

Music for concerts and sing-outs should be returned after the final performance of each
season to ensure the Librarian can maintain accurate filing and records.

Music remains the property of the Grimsby Celebration Choir and is to be returned when
leaving the choir.

Concerts / Sing-Outs

The Choir Director has the final say of whether a member is ready for a performance.

Dress for concerts is traditionally black pants/skirts and black shirts/blouses with minimal jewellery. Scarves, ties and poofs may be distributed for seasonal concerts and must be returned immediately following the event.

Dress for Sing-outs will be decided by the Choir Director before each performance.

Always smile when entering and leaving the stage and carry your book in your right arm.

Ensure you can see the Choir Director by shuffling into position as necessary.

Keep your book open and still until the piano has finished at the end of each song.

Members requiring assistance to enter or exit concerts will be seated first and escorted out last.

Other Concerns

Members who have a concern regarding the operation of the choir are required to submit their concern in writing to any Board member:

  • The issue will be discussed at a Board meeting.
  • The member will receive a written response.
  • The Choir will be informed of any necessary changes to the operation of the Choir as a result of the concern while maintaining the member’s confidentiality.